Want to start the day with meeting women (and men) who work in a specific tech or media company?


    Don´t miss the unique chance to participate at a Sponsor Meetup with Accenture, Adlibris, Cybercom, EY, Klarna, MTG, Nasdaq, Scania or Tobii. The meetup will take place during the morning of March 8th. Some of our awesome sponsors are hosting sessions in the morning to show you where they work and why they like it.


    Beware that as much as we want everyone in our beloved companies, we can only take from 30 to 60 people in each company, som the seats are limited.


    Read more about the Sponsor Meetups and register below.


    Digital Fluency - Closing the Gender Gap

    If your mission is to improve the way the world works and lives, let’s meet. We have conducted a number of studies that reveal what’s important to women and their careers. It turned out that the extent to which we embrace and use digital technologies is vital to closing the gender gap at the workplace. Come by our office, and we’ll share our latest research. You’ll get some fika and wraps, but also the opportunity to mingle with our Accenture Technology consultants as well as our recruiting team and hear more about how we work with tech innovation.


    The meetup will be held in Swedish.


    When: Presentation 08.45-10.15. Mingle and lunch 10.15-11.3
    Where: Accenture, Alströmergatan 12, Stockholm


    Innovation in practice - Welcome to the Adlibris Group's Morning Session

    Today Adlibris is one of the leading e-commerce sites in Sweden with one of the strongest brands in the industry. In our WIT Morning Session, we’ll talk about how we’ve worked in recent years to break old habits and moved from being a purely online bookstore to an innovative e-commerce business. We’ll talk about how we are working to meet the needs of tomorrow's customers with a focus on three areas: online marketing, mobile first and leading IT teams in a fast-paced, complex environment.


    You will hear from Ylva Wadström, head of online marketing for the Adlibris Group, Cajsa Malm, head of Adlibris Next and Sofia Rådström, head of development for Adlibris.com.


    We’ll provide a light lunch of wraps. The meetup will be held in Swedish.


    When: 10:30 to 11:30
    Where: Adlibris group's premises at Sveavägen 56 in Stockholm


    Cybercom - The Innovation Zone targeting Agenda 2030

    The tech world holds the universal language without borders between countries, culture, gender, social background, age or religion. Diversity is truly the best ingredient for us at Cybercom, to develop innovative solutions for a more sustainable future. We’re Makers of tomorrow targeting Agenda 2030. Welcome to our Innovation Zone, see our cases with connected birds, gardens or interior design. Try our latest in Augmented Reality.


    Invitation includes lunch.


    When: 10:00 to 12:00 CET
    Where: Cybercom's office, Sveavägen 20, floor 7, Stockholm


    EY – Where do you want to end up?

    Whether your company is in the startup phase or in a more mature stage, EY can help you with advice on taking the next step. In this seminar our experts give you hands-on guidance to navigating the growth journey, and highlight the most current tech topics we help our clients with in their digital transformation.


    Seats are limited, lunch will be served.


    When: 9.30 - 11.45
    Where: EY, Jakobsbergsgatan 25, Stockholm


    WIT Breakfast @ The Klarna House

    Meet our CEO, CTO, Women Network and other leaders to learn more about Klarnas quest to become the most disruptive and inspiring place to work. Join us to learn more about Klarna, our challenges and strategies when doing so. Women in Tech can and will change the world for the better. We want to be part of that and invite you to join the conversation.


    Breakfast will be served!


    When: 9:00-11:30
    Where: Sveavägen 44, Stockholm



    Did you know that approximately 20% of the people working at MTG in Stockholm work directly with tech? Get a look into the technology behind your favorite MTG products including Viaplay, Viafree and Viasat’s new VR as well as an introduction by MTG Tech’s and Viaplay’s CTOs.


    Followed by a mingle and lunch.


    When: 9:00-11:00
    Where: Ringvägen 52, Stockholm


    Welcome to Nasdaq – a Global FinTech Company

    Nasdaq is more than an exchange operator; we provide market-leading technology solutions and intelligence to help both businesses and investors succeed in today’s global capital markets. Nasdaq created the world’s first electronic stock market in 1971, and today, our technology powers more than 85 marketplaces in 50 countries, and 1 in 10 of the world’s securities transactions.


    Welcome to visit Nasdaq’s Stockholm office in Frihamnen, where a large part of our global technology development and innovation is taking place. We will begin the day by hosting a traditional opening bell ceremony for our Nordic markets, before we introduce you to our business and tell you more about our technology.


    When: Please join us at 8.30 on March 8. The event will end around 10.15
    Where: Tullvaktsvägen 15, Frihamnen



    Do you want to understand how autonomous transport solutions can be a part of solving some of the global environmental challenges we are facing? Join us and our inspiring co-workers from Scania Systems Development to get a great start of your WIT day!


    Coffee/the and sandwiches will be served.


    When: 9:30-11:00
    Where: Room 300, Folkets Hus, Barnhusgatan 12-14 Stockholm


    Tobii - Eyes-on technology: The forefront of innovation

    What’s the hype around eye tracking all about? The possibilities with eye tracking to control technology seem to be endless. Eye tracking is making gaming more immersive, giving people a voice and let us understand human behavior in a whole new way. No wonder tech companies are looking into the possibilities in adding eye tracking to their technology. Come and meet Tobii, the world leader in eye tracking, to find out how eye tracking can be used today and in the future. You will also have the chance to mingle and meet some of our fantastic colleagues and innovators - on site at Folkets hus.


    When: 9.00-11.00
    Where: Room 307, Folkets hus, Barnhusgatan 12-14, Stockholm


  • SPONSORS 2017






  • PROGRAM 2017

    Women In Tech Conference


    12.00 Registration opens for Folkets Hus.
    Registartion and mingle with the sponsors. It is not possible to get a ticket at the entrance. No ticket = no entrance.


    13:00 Welcome to WIT Conference 2017
    13:05 Matching entrepreneurs with Backers, Cristina Stenbeck
    13:45 The electrified and diversified future, Sara Hermansson, Head of hybrid and electrified powertrain projects at Scania
    14:00 Lightning talk about Virtual Reality, Pearly Chen Chief of Staff at HTC Vive, Faviana Vangelius CEO at SVRVIVE Studios and Jenny Nordenborg CEO at Neat Corporation
    14:30 Break
    15:00 Breakout Sessions, read more
    - Internet of Things (IoT), Telia + Scania + Cybercom, room 307
    - How can large organizations match the speed and ferocity of the digital disruptors? MTG/Viaplay + Accenture, room 202
    - Data driven processes – the consumer journey and growth strategy, Bonnier News + Klarna, room 201
    - DI Digital WIT Startup Tour, DI Digital startup tour, room 300
    - How to create trust and security in a digital world, EY + Cybercom, room 203+204
    - EQ – an important ingredient for success, Pia Santesson, Amazing Leaders, room Auditorium

    16:00 Short break
    16:15 Panel discussion CTO/innovation leadership panel
    - Anki Ahrnell, CDO Bonnier
    - Caroline Dahl, CTO Ortrud Medical
    - Lena Olving, President and CEO, Mycronic
    - Tuva Palm, CTO Nordnet

    17:00 Artificial Intelligence and the challenges of a game programmer, Mehrnaz Amanat Bari, Paradox Interactive
    17:15 Lightning talk about Tech for good, Emma Rosman, founder and CEO, Welcome App
    17:30 Keynote


    18:00-20:00 Mingle with snacks and drinks at Folkets Hus
    Age to participate is limited to 18 years, as we will serve alcohol. We have to control the age of everyone who order from the bar, so please bring ID and make sure to update the ticket with the new name and age if you give it to a friend.

  • SPEAKERS 2017

    Anki Ahrnell

    Bonnier AB

    Anki Ahrnell is Chief Digital Officer at Bonnier AB, with the mission to strengthen the digital transition and product development from a Bonnier-wide perspective. Most recently, she was Director of Digital Development at Swedbank, where she previously also served as head of Marketing and Online sales.


    Mehrnaz Amanat Bari

    Paradox Interactive

    Mehrnaz is working as a developer at Paradox Interactive, with focus on coding Artificial Intelligence for the game Stellaris. She loves the challenging and playful environment of the games industry, where creativity is constantly flowing and programmers are pushed to be in the forefront of technology.

    Caroline Dahl

    Ortrud Medical

    Caroline is co-founder and CTO at Ortrud Medical, a startup that makes an intelligent tourniquet for intravenous access. She spent the last decade in the UK developing soft- and wetware technology at Edinburgh, Oxford and Microsoft. When not innovating, she hosts Geek Girl Startup and the Stockholm Hardware Meetup, and teaches electrical power generation to ten-year-olds.

    Sara Hermansson


    Sara Hermansson is Head of hybrid and electrified powertrain projects at Scania developing both the future electrified highways and wireless charging buses. She has previously designed the first LNG (Liquid natural gas) truck at Scania and been awarded as the Female tech role model 2015 for her work as founder of Female Leader Engineer.

    Jenny Nordenborg

    Neat Corporation

    Jenny Nordenborg, CEO and co-founder of Neat Corporation

    Lena Olving

    Mycronic AB

    Lena Olving is President and CEO of Mycronic AB, which is a Swedish high-tech company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of production equipment to the electronics industry. Mycronic AB is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, Mid Cap.

    Tuva Palm


    Tuva Palm is both CTO and CPO at Nordnet Bank, the first completely digital bank in Europe. She and her team currently aims at redefining the financial industry by building the next generation banking experience. Many know her as one of the hosts of STHLM TECH, the largest tech meetup in Europe. She is furthermore in the Board of directors at Lunar Way, a Danish Neo-bank.

    Emma Rosman

    Welcome App

    Emma is the co-founder and CEO of Welcome App - an app for integration that started by volunteers a year ago and is now funded by Norrsken Fondation and Avito-founders. Previous to Welcome App, Emma has worked with with Business Development at Blocket and Operations manager at Uber.

    Faviana Vangelius

    SVRVIVE Studios

    Faviana is the gaming geek who started one of Europe's leading VR games studios from her living room. She is the CEO and co-founder of SVRVIVE Studios, moderator of the global network Women in VR, and has been named one of the most promising up and coming entrepreneurs in Sweden.


    Internet of Things (IoT) – technology that creates a better world. No science fiction. (Telia Company, Cybercom and Scania)

    As more and more products are connected, we get access to increasing volumes of data. Data that enable optimization of processes, products and services both in term of efficiency, waste and negative environmental effect. How can we utilize the knowledge connectivity provides us to create products and services that contributes to a more sustainable world?


    -How do companies move on from existing solutions to create sustainable products and services through IoT?

    -How do you create these net-positive solutions?

    -What does the future hold for IoT and sustainability and what will be the effects?


    Room: 307

    How can large organizations match the speed and ferocity of the digital disruptors? (Accenture and MTG/Viaplay)

    How can large and stable organizations match start-ups in driving innovation? During this session you will get hands-on examples on how to drive innovation in larger companies in general, and within the tech and media industry in particular. How do you succeed in finding the disruptive ideas and developing them into innovative and business transforming solutions? Where do you set your level of ambition and how should you organize in order to build innovative teams?


    Sara Sjöberg, Digital Transformation Lead at Accenture, will give examples on how to work with idea generation and execution in a new way based on the insight she has gained working for clients in diverse sectors.


    Monika Hanson, Head of Innovation at Viaplay (MTG), will tell you more about the journey Viaplay has made over the years, the challenges they have encountered on the way and how they work with innovation today.


    Room: 202

    Data driven processes – the consumer journey and growth strategy (Klarna + Bonnier News)


    In this breakout session Caroline Olstedt Carlström VP Privacy at Klarna and chairman at the Swedish Data Protection Forum, together with two colleagues from Product and Engineering will talk about how the consumer journey at Klarna is driven by data and how tools & technologies help support that complexity. How do you mix requirements such as privacy, conversion, digitalisation, and simplification into a smooth service that is appreciated by everyone?


    Bonnier News

    To be able to run a data-driven organisation, the most important part is to develop an experimental environment where the growth-process and A/B-testing plays a central part. The conversion driven hypothesis and the data our testing brings us is the one thing we rely on when aiming in directions of development for our goals on site. One year ago the company decided to invest in a CRO-driven organisation. And since then, Bonnier News has done a huge journey to develop this kind of culture in a successful way. In this session I will tell you how we did it, and how you can adapt my learnings in your organisation.


    Room: 201

    DI Digital WIT Startup Tour

    The Swedish tech scene is more attractive than ever before. Startups such as Skype, Klarna and Spotify have put Sweden on the digital world map. And tech startups increasingly catch the interest of VC companies and investors. However, the startup scene is missing something vital - female tech entrepreneurs. This breakout session will introduce female founders that have taken the step to start their own tech company, how to succeed on a market that is heavily reliant on VC companies' investments and give attendees the do's and don'ts from two of Sweden's best up and coming investors.


    Room: 300

    How to create trust and security in a digital world (Cybercom + EY)

    In an increasingly connected digital world, cyber threats continue to challenge our assets, businesses, services and privacy. In order to tackle these and respond to current and potential threats, new ways of thinking and collaborating are required. Come and listen to Cybercom and EY about how we perceive the current threat landscape and how we help our clients become robust – every day!


    Room: 203+204

    EQ – an important ingredient for success (Amazing Leaders)

    Emotionally strong people are the future good leaders who in their turn create sustainable and profitable business. Good leadership is not about getting people to do something, it's about getting people to want to do something. For companies to be successful, it is equally important how managers and employees do what they do as what they do. It is all about creating trust and good relationships - with customers, colleagues and with yourself.​


    During our hour together, you will get:

    • Knowledge of what emotional intelligence is and how it enables us to lead ourselves, identify opportunities and create change as well as building strong relationships.
    • Understanding of why a well-developed emotional capital is so important for today's leaders and businesses.
    • A powerful tool that develops your ability to lead yourself.

    You will meet Pia Santesson and Ursula Nyquist from Amazing Leaders who have long experience of working with and developing leaders and corporate emotional intelligence. With great inspiration they share their knowledge and also offer practical tips and tools on how to develop yourself to an amazing leader and your business to an amazing business.


    Room: Auditorium






    Intresset för Women in Tech (WIT) – Nordens största event med fokus på kvinnor i tech sektorn – fortsätter för fjärde året i rad väcka rekordstort intresse. På fyra dagar anmälde över 4 000 personer sitt intresse på Facebook, och när biljetterna släpptes på torsdagen tog de slut på 7 minuter. I programmet syns bland andra Cristina Stenbeck, Faviana Vangelius VD för SVRVIVE, Lena Olving VD för Mycronic samt Emma Rosman VD och grundare av Welcome App


    Sverige är ett föregångsland när det gäller techbolag och startups och dessutom ledande inom jämställdhet, men andelen kvinnor i branschen har under flera år legat på runt 30% och utvecklingen går långsamt, även om andelen kvinnliga chefer i branschen sakta ökar. Inom ramen för WIT går några av Sveriges största tech- och medieföretag årligen samman för att skapa en mötesplats där kvinnor som är intresserade av eller redan befinner sig i en karriär inom tech får träffa några av företagen i branschen. Bakom årets upplaga står liksom förra året Bonnier, MTG och Telia Company som huvudsponsorer, tillsammans med nykomlingarna Accenture, EY, HTC Vive, Klarna och Samsung.


    ”Vi behöver fler kvinnliga talanger inom tech- och startupbolag för att dessa bolag skall lyckas. Det krävs helt enkelt en diversifierad talangpool för att bygga globalt framgångsrika bolag. Norden är ledande inom jämställdhet och det stora intresset för WIT visar att tech-kvinnorna finns där ute och att bolagen vill anställa dem. Entusiasmen för WIT ger mig hopp om att en mer jämställd bransch med fler kvinnor i ledande positioner inte ligger alltför långt borta.” säger Rikard Steiber som är initiativtagare till Women in Tech och VD för HTC:s virtual reality-satsning Viveport.

    Årets WIT kommer tillbaka till Folkets Hus Norra Bantorget i Stockholm där 1 000 deltagare, den stora merparten kvinnor, samlas den 8 mars. Paulina Modlitba Söderlund var moderator för förra årets event och ansvarar för programmet även i år.

    ”Jag har många år i branschen bakom mig och har varit på otaliga event där både andelen kvinnor bland talarna och i publiken ligger omkring 10-20%. På WIT är förhållanden helt de omvända och för mig är det en av årets höjdpunkter att jobba med det här evenemanget och jag kan för i år utlova WIT:s hittills vassaste program.” säger Paulina Modlitba Söderlund.


    Följ eventet i sociala medier via #WITsthlm2017.




    Jessica Sjöberg

    VP Corporate Communications, MTG

    jessica.sjoberg@mtg.com, +46 764 94 09 13


    Rikard Steiber

    President Viveport and SVP Virtual Reality, HTC



    Women in Tech började som ett event på Internationella kvinnodagen 2014. Sedan dess har WIT vuxit till en gemenskap, en plattform och en rörelse. Målet för WIT är att inspirera kvinnor att välja en karriär inom media och teknik, genom att tillhandahålla nätverk och erfarenhet från framgångsrika kvinnor och män från både företags- och entreprenörsvärlden. Årets event skapas av Accenture, Bonnier, EY, HTC Vive, Klarna, MTG, Samsung och Telia.